Its not unusual for us at to do a wedding here or there, but this particular one in a such a romantic place like St. Ives almost at lands end in the south of England was a treat. Even more so being a marriage of a close family like friends of Gusto. Together with the bride and groom to be, we've planned out the special day with matriculate perfection to the detail so own to James and Zuzka, as she is know to us Slovakians. To be perfectly honest nervousness grew stronger by each day approaching, approaching so fast as we hardly could believe. So when it came for Gusto to set of for UK with all the gear on board, we pretty much trembled with excitement. Final polish of the itinerary, filling up the tank and stocking on energy drinks a head of a journey over thousand miles long. Friday before the '' The Day '' we all meet up at the beautiful Gannet Inn in Carbis Bay.

Running briefly through the plans we all went to have a lovely meal by the '' Salty '' sea. A few drinks later came the time to turn in for the night. Saturday was the day of rehearsals and final adjustments to the plan. As the day grew older and we all became more tiresome with all the lovely drinks that amazing staff delivered with military precision. We almost appeared as we don't want for this excitement to end. As the famous Beatles once sang '' Here comes the sun '', here came the Sunday and all of us just couldn't believe it. You could literally cut the tension with a knife, as the final hour has crawled closer and closer. With everything and everyone on stand by with the highest of expectations we finally feasted our eyes on absolutely stunning Bride and handsome Groom. As they walked down the aisle, literally no one was breathing. The actual ceremony went without a single hitch and after the official signatures came the standing ovation for the beautiful couple. And what happened after , well you should have been there. You say you couldn't, well OK than. Here is a little video of this special day we put together for you.



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